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New Features Added To The Forum

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1 New Features Added To The Forum on Fri 20 Mar 2009, 1:05 am


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Hello everyone......We have added new features to the forum.....We have added the multi quote.....We have also added the voting we call all vote for each others posts.....and we have also added the reputation feature.....You can take points or give points to your users depending on if you liked the post or not.....and for each topic posted a user will gain 3 reputation points and for each reply on a message the user will gain 1 the end who ever will have the most points may have the opportunity for being the star of the month.....but that will depend on the type of post you have will only qualify for the star of the month rank if you will have quality posts.....Thanks

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2 Re: New Features Added To The Forum on Sat 21 Mar 2009, 12:20 am

Thanks for the new updates. They really look good and i think your doing a great job and keep it up. Hope users will post quality posts not quantity Anyways i will also work hard for becoming the star of the month.


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